John Pina, Ph.D
John Pina, Ph.D


John Pina, Ph.D

About Me

Before becoming licensed in 2004, I worked as a child and family therapist in many different mental health facilities in California, Minnesota, and Rhode island. Among the many different places that I’ve worked are the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University’s Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, the Children’s Health Council, the Ester B. Clark School, the Children’s Hospitals in St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Minneapolis VA, and the University of Minnesota’s Division of Pediatric Neurology.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Clinical Psychology in 2000. During my graduate career, my researched focused on the validity of computer variables associated with the computerized assessment of ADHD (Yeah, it was long!). I also taught many undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology. In California, I have taught undergraduate classes in psychology at UC-Berkeley and Santa Clara University.

In my private practice, I work closely with many of the South Bay middle and high schools and school districts. I have given many presentations and seminars geared toward empowering parents with skills when dealing with the challenges of raising our youth.

My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy can be described in three words: Empowerment, Purpose, Balance.

First, I want to empower you to take the steps that will get you from “here” to “there”. My emphasis is on internal motivation, and promoting the value of internal strength and resiliency. I believe it’s as much how you think that leads you to your goals and happiness as what concrete steps you take to get there. We’ll tackle both.

I also want to help you find the real meaning in your life. So many people shoot for that “brass ring”, and get it, yet find there’s something still missing. They’re not fulfilled. There must be something more to life, and we’ll work together to figure that out.

Finally, it’s important to create balance in your life. We live in times of abundance, yet stress levels continue to rise. More people are out-of-balance. Making a commitment to take care of yourself, inside and out, is so important in achieving that healthy balance.